Do You Suffer From Toxic Overload?

If you Experience any of the following you would benefit from routine LBG Lymph Drainage Therapy.

All of these symptoms and many more are often caused by toxic waste build up in the body because of a congested lymphatic system. 

Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either helps to bind them together or keep them apart. Overburdened cells the lymph system can clump together and bond electrically with water, potentially resulting in chronic inflammation, which in turn may lead to serious disease conditions in the body.

The LBG Lymphatic Therapy works by helping to re-balance the charge of the cells electromagnetic field. Cold Gas ionization produced by the LBG is a powerful tool that facilitates drainage of the lymphatic system restoring its ability to transport nutrients and eliminate toxic waste from your body.

Using cold-gas photons and extremely low-energy electromagnetic frequency patterns, the LBG helps separate these cells from each other and their accumulated fluids. This enables the body to rapidly rid itself of inflammation, swelling, abnormal growths, and other lymph blockages.

The Light Beam Generator Therapy also helps in removing from the body unnatural additives in our food, including steroids that mimic hormones and attach to proteins. With proper lymphatic drainage the toxins can be rapidly flushes out of your system.

When cells die or become damaged, their protein structures, many of which are damaged, must be removed by the lymphatic system. These non-functional proteins have electrical properties of attraction: they bond to other proteins and water forming clusters which clog up the lymphatic system.

Using Cold gas light photons the LBG Lymphaticc Therapy transfers energy frequency patterns to targeted regions of the lymphatic system. This puts the correct charge back into the cells and breaks up the disease causing congestion caused by the clusters of water and pooled protein wastes. Proper lymphatic drainage allows the body to flush out virus, bacteria and fungus that feed on the protein wastes and rid itself of food additives and other chemicals that attach to the protein waste.