This process involves measuring electrical conductivity at acupuncture (meridian) points on the skin, typically on the hands and feet.

According to European medical research, acupuncture points and their respective meridians are related to the body’s organ systems. After the initial measurements have been taken and recorded, the results can be reviewed.

As you move toward or away from health, the condition of any organ or system can be measured along the meridians.

When an acupuncture meridian point is found to be out of balance, we search via computer to find exact frequencies that give us information about what brought the body out of balance and how to bring the body back into perfect balance.

Once we uncover imbalances, we search through our extensive database for specific homeopathic, herbal and nutritional products that will bring the body back into balance.

Overall, electro-dermal screening provides a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions.

With the EDS 2000, a practitioner may choose to use the information gathered to determine the next step in a patient’s health care.

□ Non-invasive sensitivity screening. No scratch testing or injections are necessary.

□ Test for specific environmental toxins that have found their way in the body.

□ Consider possible complementary approaches that may help a patient achieve a more balanced energetic state.

□ Nutritional evaluations for people who are looking for enhanced immune response.

□ Identify specific dental stressors that might contribute to health problems and choose dental materials that are compatible with the patient’s body.

□ Test for toxicity of the connective tissue involving different organs in the body.

□ Suggest whether there is a condition present that may require traditional medicine treatment.