Ion Foot Detox

Take a walk along the beach and you should experience a natural detoxification. Your breathing usually becomes easier, while anxiety disappears and pain is lessened. Scientifically as water molecules crash they release negative ions. Our bodies absorb these ions. This provides us the power to fight disease, improve organ function and eliminate waste regularly.

Ion foot detox therapy programs focus on the feet to recharge the body and increase well being, overall health, and balance. Through a short 30 minute session of warm mineral sea salt water, the unit helps flush out the toxins in the lymphatic system and energizes the blood. The ionic therapeutic footbath flushes out through ionization. It has also been said, among many other things to relieve arthritis, help cancer patients increase energy, alleviate neck and back pain, and generally return the body to a more well-balanced state. The recommendation is 14 treatment sessions, two to three times per week. A maintenance program of once a week thereafter will help keep control of toxins in your body. Results may very. People with greater illness may take longer to detoxify and heal.

Detox foot treatments are a therapy aimed to improve among other things, liver and kidney function through an electromagnetic detoxification process carried out on the feet. The treatment is activated with an array placed in the water. This array causes ionization of the water and allows detoxification through the feet, which are a natural place to detox because they have over 200 large pores.

Improve your health
Feel invigorated and rejuvenated by helping your body to rebalance bio-energy fields and stimulate the body for self-detoxification. The body’s organs will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged. The ion energy charged footbath will help you feel young again. Please drink lots of water before and after treatment and take a mineral supplement. You may feel tired for a few days but most say they have extra energy.

The body is exposed to thousands of harmful chemicals everyday. The body’s organs will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged. Daily pollutants such as chemicals and radiation, food additives, and other synthetic elements contaminate the body. Because of the 20th century environment we live in, the amount of toxins accumulated is greater than what our body can eliminate. These toxins begin to accumulate in the body damaging our system physically and emotionally.

Some mild symptoms of toxicity: include headaches, lethargy, obesity, constipation, bad breath, anxiety, poor skin, digestive disorders, forgetfulness, allergies, poor circulation, and cellulite. Severe cases: high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, kidney failure, cancer.

Some Reported Benefits of reducing the toxins:
• Increases Energy levels
• Relieves Allergies
• Support healthy blood pressure
• Relief of Joint Pains
• Reduces water retention
• Boosts the Immune System
• Increases Blood Circulation
• Relieve muscle aches
• Increases blood flow
• Pain relief
• Faster Healing of soft tissue injuries
• Assist in inflammatory issues

Who should use this machine?
• Persons using high quantities of tobacco or alcohol.
• Persons with chronic illnesses.
• Persons with low energy.
• Persons with pain.
• Persons with low immunity.
• People who have high stress.
• Person with diabetes, hypertension, high blood sugar, rheumatism, or arthritis.
• People who care about trying to rid environmental toxins from their bodies.

Frequently asked Questions:
Q- How does the Ionic footbath work?

A- Ionic Detox footbaths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions which attach to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them and the body is then able to discard them through the approximate 200 pores that are on the bottom of your feet. It alkalizes the blood and tissue thereby creating correct ph balance.

Q- Who can use an Ionic footbath?

A- Anyone can use the footbath except for pregnant women, people who have a pace maker and anyone who has an organ transplant. Even children as young as 4 years of age can use it.

Q- Will the color change even if your feet are not in the water?

A- Yes! The combination of the minerals in the array with the water and sea salt will cause the color to change. Depending on what city you are in and how the water supply is processed will determine what color the water changes to. For example if you live in a Boise, the water may turn a yellow- green. Texas the water may predominantly brown. It depends on the location you live in.

Q- If the color of the water changes without feet in it, how can you tell if you are detoxing?

A- There is a definite difference in the appearance of the water when your feet have been submerged in the water for half an hour. It is the oily residue and flecks floating on top of the water that determines what your body is getting rid of. Independent clinical studies have been done that demonstrates high levels of heavy metals, fat and mucous residue present in the water after 30 minutes.

Q- What can the ionic footbath do for me?

A- Detox footbaths may assist in the following areas:
1) Enhancing the immune system
2) Assist in recovery time from injuries and surgery
3) Can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis
4) Improves sleep pattern
5) Remove heavy metals
6) Removes blood clot material
7) Improve liver and kidney function

Disclaimer: this information has not been evaluated by the FTC or the FDC and is not meant to cure, treat, prevent disease, or to be used for diagnosis. It is important for you to know these technologies and treatment protocols have not been evaluated by the FDA.Although, scientific research studies have been done to prove the safety and effectiveness of the units, no certification has been granted. You should not use this equipment if you have a pacemaker or other electronic device in your body, you are pregnant, you have a transplanted organ or you are under 4 years old.