What to Expect

We take time to listen! Our goal is to find the real answers to your health problems. From your very first visit we will set aside the time to listen to your concerns and put together a comprehensive program to address them. We believe in a full partnership between the physician and the patient and together we will work cooperatively to establish one with you.

We have access to over 30 years experience, skill and knowledge. Our physicians were trained by doctors who pioneered the energy medicine movement and have devoted their lives to its advancement. They have been taught to value and treat the whole person. Using Electrodermal Screening (EDS) and your input, they are able to assess information that will guide them to a realistic treatment program designed specifically for you.

Our patients are important to us! Helping people get well and stay well is our goal. Our patients lovingly commend us for our care and discernment and the great results they are experiencing. Please come join our big family.

We will continue to use the latest technologies and techniques to be able to serve you better. At the Better Wellness Center you will soon understand why our patients are quick to recommend us!

If you have ever been told you cannot be helped or that you “must learn to live with it” please give Better Health & Wellness Center an opportunity to evaluate your case. It is likely that we can find the roots to your problems with a session on the EDS and we can work up a simple or a complex case. We will let your body’s energy talk and we will listen. Then use our expertise experience to advise you on nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy, along with other methods to help you along the path of detoxification and restoration. We do not make a claim that this process heals, as only the body has the ability to heal itself. We can only give you the tools to help you along the path to Better Health & Wellness.

Let us become your Better Health and Wellness Center!

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