After two courses of antibiotics and eight weeks of misery – I still had an ear infection and insane inner ear itching. It even kept me up at night – itching! UGGG!
Literally one day into my taking my drops from the Better Health and Wellness Center the itching was gone! And never returned! A h h h h …
Thanks, Dana!
Now maintenance is a breeze!
– Marie S.

Finally ! ! ! After a life of physical and emotional imbalances – a great degree of balance has been obtained thanks to a personally designed, and professionally and caring administered program of supplements, treatments, and lifestyle suggestions Jonathan and his staff have improved and enriched my life.
– Liz T.

I’ve been coming here for four years and in that time I have gotten rid of 39 allergies. I had 3 different parasites and canine flu and Dr. Dana got rid of them.
I feel good.
I saw a friend I haven’t seen in 6 months and she said what ever I’m doing to keep doing it.
I think Dr. Dana is a wonderful caring and gentle doctor.
– Audrey

For the past four years my family and I have been treated by Dr. Dana McGrady and Dr. Jonathan Clark and we continue coming back because of the outstanding service and the results.
We no longer take over the counter medications and rarely get sick. Over all our health has improved.
Thanks Dana and Jonathan.
– Nadia

I was having a great deal of chronic pain in my right hip and shoulder. Dr. Dana McGrady has made me able to enjoy a range of motion I thought I had forever lost. And most of all, the chronic joint pain is gone and I can sleep at night. Thanx.
– Jerry

Dr. Jonathan Clark has helped me a great deal with my anxiety. I am off Lexapro and my general health has improved remarkably, he is very pleasant and comforting as a doctor. I highly recommend a visit to Jonathan, your health is worth everything.
– Jacquelyn